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Home Show 2017!

The 2017 Home Show is coming up fast! What does this mean? It means that a helpful face is right around the corner when it comes to home building, renovation, and all things home. If you are anything like us you may find yourself swamped in a ton of information and in no time at all overwhelmed. This can especially be the case with homes! There are different types of rooms, windows, counter-tops, cabinets and that is only naming a few things that home owners must make decisions on in the buying process. Fortunately for the Flint Hills area there is the Flint Hills Builder Association to the rescue! March 4-5th there will be a building full of builders, vendors, and people in the home industry ready to answer any question one may have about homes! Whether that is kitchen, dining, bath, technology, roofing, windows or even flooring there will be a plethora of knowledge and resources. Redi Systems is your one stop for all things home technology. Hang a right once you walk in and we will be right around the corner! Come to see what we have to offer, hang out at the tables, or chat with the Redi Team.