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Surge Protection Doesn't Last Forever

Lightning and power outages may cause damage to your equipment! Too often we find ourselves appreciating the tech that we can see, and forgetting about the tech we have hidden behind our desks. Lets face it, if it weren’t for supplying the power to all our devices the surge protector would gather dust on the store shelf, but did you know that after a year that surge protectors may not still be protecting your devices?


Not to be confused with a power strip, a surge protector offers much more functionality than just powering multiple devices. Surge protectors are essential in any home to prevent damage to electronics during storms or power surges! We always recommend one between the outlet and the devices you love. Another added benefit of some surge protectors is they can actually filter power as well. This will provide a more consistent current to the device and reduce wear on power supplies.


As it turns they do not last forever. The components used to divert energy can wear down as a result of many smaller surges. Some protectors can make an audible sound when it is not protecting equipment, others have an indicator light that flickers when it is no longer effective. Some may not offer any indication though which is why we always recommend replacing them before its to late!


If you aren't sure which one would fit your needs best we are here to help!