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To outsource or not to outsource… That is the question

3 timely tips to help you make the right IT decisions

Do we or don’t we…? Outsourcing IT is one of the hottest topics in modern business. Why? Because business leaders face an almost impossible choice about how to address their IT needs: Under-resource IT and risk costly outages or commit to an IT department and risk over-spending on a revolving door of talent that only gets you part way to the security, support and planning you need.

Let’s look at three advantages beyond the obvious benefits of reducing overhead and getting seasoned IT pros at a fixed monthly cost. Outsourcing IT saves time, money and — here’s one that’s often overlooked — morale. 


  • Time: Lost time due to down servers, email crashes and connectivity issues is expensive. The demands of business today make the risks of idling your teams expensive for both your business — and your brand. As IT systems become more complex, we see departments struggling to keep up with real-time needs in and out of the office.


  • Money. You can argue the virtues of an internal team knowing your business and systems, but truth be told, truly capable internal teams are expensive, time consuming to manage and hard to sustain. The ROI of a fixed cost for a team of ahead-of-the-curve professionals is substantial.


  • Morale. Nothing seems to erode morale quite like losing work and missing deadlines due to tech troubles. Ever had email crash just as you’re about to hit send on a critically important email? Technical issues raise questions about your IT team as well as about leadership: “Why can’t they just plan proactively,” staffers tell us, “instead of rushing around overreacting to each new tech emergency?”


There are real rewards to time, budgets and morale when you address IT proactively. In today’s market, outsourcing your IT support to professionals with deep expertise is a solution worth exploring.