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Your Family. Your Team.

Summer is here and that means baseball is starting to pick up steam! Having everyone over to watch the series is much more fun when yard games are included. Why not be able to watch the game while playing? The excitement knows no bounds when there is no reason to use an indoor voice! 

The kids have space to run around, no worrying about spills, and there's limitless possibilities to decorate when hosting an outdoor event. May we suggest a beach theme? Umbrellas to provide shade while everyone sips an ice cold beverage with island music creating the perfect ambience.

We believe that having an outdoor viewing space is a great way to bring friends and family closer together while entertaining. Everyone can enjoy catching some sun while watching the game! Having the party outdoors opens up endless possibilities to entertain your guests. This is a great excuse to use the grill more often as well, but it's not like you needed that anyway right?