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What We Do
Redi Systems specializes in creating smart spaces, but that's more than just simple marketing mantra — it's a customer service philosophy. Home or office, residential or commercial, we have extensive experience with the design, installation and implementation of unobtrusive, high-tech solutions for your everyday electronics needs.
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IT Services
We will work with you to identify the specific challenges you face, and create custom systems that directly address the issues.
Recent advances in technology have made home automation increasingly affordable with any budget, and our expert associates stand ready to help you create and set up a relaxing and modern space which places you in total control of every facet of your residential environment, including remote access with your smartphone or tablet.
Regardless of your industry, one aspect of business remains constant across the board: success hinges upon whether or not you can earn the trust of your customers. Hard work and well-researched business strategies can get you there, but only if backed by a solid business infrastructure that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective.
Redi Systems, Inc. Van
…for anything. From technical problems to new installations, we’re equipped with the knowledge and tools as the only CEDIA-certified designers in the greater-Manhattan area.
Whatever your needs, Redi Systems works with you to transform your home or work environment into a modern space that is convenient, efficient and elegant.
Earning the trust of your customers requires the cultivation of confidence, which is accomplished by delivering on promises made, providing great service, and projecting a polished, knowledgeable and professional image.
Technology should always be in the palm of your hand, literally. Whether it’s our state of the art security systems or unobtrusive music systems, all of your needs can be accomplished with the touch of a button.

Outstanding job from start to finish...
Sean and his team did an outstanding job from start to finish on equipping my home. I initially contacted them about helping me with surround sound; little did I know they were able to provide solutions for me on whole house sound, pc connectivity, alarm system, central vacuum, lighting control, automat More »

Need Help?
Whether you need a simple security system or a complex closed-circuit surveillance hub, a standard home theater installation or a full-home integrated media center implementation, our associates are ready to assist you with a friendly smile and unparalleled technical knowledge.