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4 Critical Considerations for Your Next Home Security System

A color screen home security system panel is pictured to the left of the front door in a Kansas home.

Making a Smart Choice for Home Security

Investing in a home security system is not just a purchase; it's a commitment to protect what matters most. While many security systems will have interesting features and interfaces, there are some core things that they need to do well to protect your Manhattan, KS, home. Let’s delve into four critical considerations below for choosing the right solution for your home. 

What’s the Latest From Control4?

Family of the latest Control4 systems’ Halo remotes

Revolutionize Your Smart Home with the Latest Control4 System Offerings

Nestled in the heart of Kansas, Manhattan-area homes are a blend of architectural beauty and technological prowess. Keep reading to explore the latest features and offerings you can enjoy with a Control4 smart home system that elevates your smart home lifestyle.

Enhancing Security with Automatic Blinds and Shades

QMotion shades on a window overlooking a yard. A dining room table with four chairs sits in front of the window.

Prepare for Fall's Shorter Days with Advanced Smart Home Solutions

As the golden hues of fall paint our landscapes, we're reminded of the cozy evenings ahead and the shorter days accompanying them. While we relish the beauty of autumn, it's also a time to think about home security as the nights draw to a close much earlier in Manhattan, KS, and the surrounding areas.

The window covering is one of the unsung heroes in the home security realm. Below, we spotlight protections you can enjoy by adding automatic blinds and shades. Keep reading to learn more!

Top Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid

modern home theater space with sectional seating, chairs, and ambient lighting

Let the Media, Not the Blunders, Shine in Your Entertainment Space

Designing the perfect home theater requires more than adding a big screen and surround sound system. From acoustics to screen placement and lighting, overlooking the finer details of your Salina, KS, entertainment space can hinder your cinematic experiences. Below, we uncover three common pitfalls you can avoid by working with a professional home theater designer like Redi Systems.