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IT’s more than just simple marketing mantra β€” it's a customer service philosophy.

About Us

Redi Systems employs an expert team of creative and knowledgeable individuals who possess an insatiable passion for technology. Our depth of talent and steadfast commitment to crafting creative residential and commercial electronics solutions shines through in every project we handle. We will work with you to identify the specific challenges you face, and then collaborate with you to craft custom systems that directly address the issues. Simply put, we use our expertise to make your home or office work for you.
Meet Our Team

Jeremy Walker

Lead Technician

Originally from Salina, KS, Jeremy made the trek down I-70 to Manhattan for school. Now as an ESC-certified technician at Redi Systems, he enjoys the relationships he gets to build with customers. The most noteworthy perk of his job, though, is meeting his wife through his coworker Tyler and having himself a nice little family. 

In addition to spending time with said family, Jeremy enjoys cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs and playing disc golf. So much that, in his own words, he wants to be remembered as “someone who would do anything for anyone....and a decent disc golfer.”  

A fun fact about Jeremy that many might not know is that he has a twin brother, Jacob, who lives in Salina with his wife and three kids. Unlike his co-worker, Jason, we’re confident Jeremy doesn’t have his twin cover shifts for him at work. Or, at least we hope he doesn’t.

Tyler Lett

Lead Technician

A Salina, KS native, Tyler graduated from Hutchinson Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. An admitted Wildcat fanatic, Tyler’s love of all things K-State brought him to Manhattan, KS where he joined the Redi Systems team.

Tyler recently obtained his ESPA Certification and, due to his passion for continuing education and ambitious nature, has already begun preparing for his next set of certification exams. When not working or studying, Tyler enjoys spending time with his friends and family, as well as watching and playing just about any sport.

In addition to running his own business someday, Tyler also aspires to be remembered as “They guy who never dropped anything,” a feat which makes him an ideal candidate for the next star running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Should the Chiefs organization be interested, he is open to begin contract negotiations immediately.

Alan Grimes

Project Manager

Alan has lived between Junction City and Manhattan his entire life, making him a prime example of the classic saying, ‘There’s no place like home,’ which is fitting, given the second family and close friendships he’s built within Redi Systems. 

Before joining our team, Alan worked for six years as a cable satellite installer, fellow employees in a classroom/field setting. When he’s not playing games with his coworkers, you can likely find Alan hanging out with his family, fishing, or working on a truck with his grandpa.

When it comes to accomplishments, Alan is most proud of the lifestyle he and his wife have been able to build for themselves and for their kids. Given all that, it’s easy to see why he won an optimist award in grade school. Make sure to congratulate him on it the next time you see him; we’ll work on adding it to his official title.

Travis Burgess

Systems Technician

Travis grew up in Manhattan, KS and is an ESPA-certified technician with more than 2-years of experience. He is passionate about both his work, and the wonderful people who work with him.

An outdoor-addict, Travis enjoys participating in any outdoor activity no matter the season—except for sailing, which he limits to the summertime for obvious reasons (thank you very much Midwest winters).

As a self-professed student of native culture, Travis is an avid collector of native artifacts, including arrowheads and pottery. Travis firmly believes that a person’s word is central to who they are and, because of that, values honesty above all else. In his free time, Travis strives to become a more organized person and, for his legacy, would like to be remembered as the guy who “did that.” Unless “that” was illegal, in which case it totally wasn’t him.

Matt Martin

Account Manager

Even though he has called Kansas home for nearly 40 years, Matt’s roots trace back thousands of miles — 6,445 to be exact. And before you take a (likely wrong) guess at where he’s from, we’ll just go ahead and tell you: It’s Seoul, South Korea.

As a CEDIA-certified technician with more than 12 years of experience, Matt enjoys taking on new challenges and interacting with different types of clients. And although he crossed a mightly big pond to plant new roots in Kansas, that doesn’t stop him from navigating local waters to fish and live his best lake life. 

If you ask Matt what else he’s reeling in, he’ll likely say family, sports, family, and sports (in that order). The biggest surprise about him is probably the fact that he surprised himself by becoming a family man and raising two great kids. As for how he would like to be remembered? “A person who would do anything to help anybody.”

Matt Roepke

Systems Technician

Ryan Davis

Systems Technician

Robert Nall

CTO & Product Manager

Wil Marquardt

Systems Technician

Originally from the ‘Black Squirrel City’ (also known as Marysville, KS), Wil traded one family-friendly town for another when he chose to move to Manhattan. Which, according to him, has “a lot going on for its size.” 

When it comes to experience, Wil certainly has a lot of it. His certifications include March Networks, ESA Fire Alarm, and Direct TV installation. That, combined with his associate’s degree in telecommunications and networking, equals an impressive 10 years of telecommunications experience. 

Whether those 10 years have gone by fast for Wil, our best guess is that they have — quite literally. That’s because when he’s not adding on to his resume, he’s building and racing the fastest drag-racing motorcycles in the region. In fact, he’s a former nationally ranked Arenacross racer. Don’t worry though, we keep an eye on his speedometer when he’s driving a company car.

As if that isn’t enough to be proud of, Wil also loves to boast about his wife Kim and their two kids, Noah and Piper. And the fact that he received an award in grade school for reading the most books in a school year. Yes, it was shocking to him, too.

Nick Fehr

Business Analyst & UX Engineer

Nick moved to Manhattan from Marysville, KS, to attend Manhattan Area Technical College where he graduated with a degree in Information & Networking Technologies. During his undergrad tenure, Nick earned multiple certificates in Cyber Ethics, White Collar Crime Cyber Law, and Information Security.

In the near future, Nick expects to receive CEDIA Gateway certification and then plans to pursue additional CEDIA certifications.

A sesquipedalian orator, Nick was crowned the Readers Digest Word Wizard of Kansas for his age group in 8th grade. In his free time, Nick enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and sending people to the dictionary to decipher what he just said.

More than anything, Nick enjoys the challenging and friendly work environment at Redi Systems, because they care about their employees and encourage all team members to contribute their skills in unique and satisfying ways.

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Sean Ruth

President & Founder

Once upon a time Sean left Manhattan, KS for greener pastures. Upon discovering none existed, he returned to his beloved Little Apple and vowed to never leave again.

A man of extreme integrity, Sean enjoys interacting with Redi Systems customers and solving their technical problems with creative solutions. Sean is a CEDIA Level II Certified Technician and moonlights as The Home Show Committee Chair.

When not working, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, as well as outdoor activities and exercising. Sean is also quite proud of the fact that he is the Fall 2012 Tuesday Mixed League Bowling Champion—a fact he’ll relay to you whether you ask or not. Bottom line, dude can roll.

In his remaining spare time, Sean and his family also help foster animals find forever homes.

Josh Bilyeu

Procurement & Warehouse Coordinator

Originally from Hutchinson, KS, Josh moved to Manhattan with no furniture, no appliances, and just a little bit of cash to support his wife’s education at K-State. Now he’s happy to be a part of Redi Systems where he gets to work with cool technology every day. 

In addition to working on his Cedia Designer Certification, Josh is also building his way towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. As if that isn’t impressive enough, Josh is also Snow Fighter Certified. And while we’re not entirely sure what that means, we definitely know who we’re calling if (when) we get stuck during the wintertime. 

As a self-described fierce competitor, Josh enjoys training, sports, fantasy football, and watching TV. He’s most proud of helping his wife to pursue her education, as well as his unique ability to pop his sternum. We’ll just have to take his word on that one.

Tina Horocofsky

Accounting Bookkeeper

Tyler Dupy

HR/Office Manager

Lacie Wallace

Account Manager

In addition, as the only CEDIA-certified designers in the greater-Manhattan area, we are committed to being the best option for custom electronic design and installation services in the community. We've had the honor and privilege to work with more than 700 clients throughout northeast Kansas, across a multitude of industries, and have crafted systems for projects both big and small. More importantly, we'll work with you to find answers that fit your budget, because β€” let's face it β€” a solution that doesn't fit your budget just isn't a solution.