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Commercial Services

We don't do cookie cutter tech solutions. At Redi Systems, we specialize in custom technology to increase operational efficiency and productivity.

Our experts will meet with you to discuss and identify how your company can benefit from added technology. From security and closed-circuit television, background music, sound masking and smart conference rooms, we've got you covered.

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Customized Audio Solutions

We have the ability to add sound or take it away using discreet technology to meet your business' needs.

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Conference Room Solutions

Our technology solutions will optimize your employees productivity and efficiency. Take video conferencing to the next level to ensure that wherever your employees are, they're still in the meeting.

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Communication Cable Networks

We provide custom-designed enclosures and centralized hubs for all of your cable and network connections. Structured wiring also provides more reliable connections to your electronic devices, removing the need for splicing, which can disrupt signals and slow data transfer.

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Security & CCTV

From simple features like automatic door and window locks that open and close on a timer to advanced monitoring systems, we've got your business covered from every angle. Redi Systems specializes in closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring via high-resolution, light-sensitive, weather-resistant cameras, making it the perfect way to watch over your business and discourage any kind of criminal activity on your property or work site.

Whether you seek something as simple as the installation of a projector, or as complex as full technology integration — including options such as centralized control of lighting, heating/cooling, sound integration, security or other systems — we'll craft a custom solution that provides you with total control at your fingertips.  Whatever your needs, Redi Systems works with you to transform your business into a modern space that is convenient, efficient and elegant to foster productivity.