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Residential Services

Redi Systems employs an expert team of creative and knowledgeable individuals who possess an insatiable passion for technology. Our depth of talent and steadfast commitment to crafting creative residential and commercial electronics solutions shines through in every project we handle. We will work with you to identify the specific challenges you face, and then collaborate with you to craft custom systems that directly address the issues. Simply put, we use our expertise to make your home or office work for you.

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Home Automation & Control

Home automation and control is about creating a beneficial synergy between every component of your home—and then placing direct control in the palm of your hand.

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Whole Home Entertainment

Imagine having your favorite music follow you from room to room as you move through your house.  Enjoy your shows uninterrupted without being limited to just a single room.

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Home Theater

Redi Systems specializes in providing a true home theater experience. We use surround sound audio, high-definition projection and functional space to give you a quality experience.

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Music Systems

High quality sound, intuitive control from any room of your home, and full access to your entire library of digital music or Internet-streamed audio. All of this without any visible components, wires, or speakers.

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Lighting Control

Home lighting control gives you the power to never walk into a dark room again. Keep safety and convenience at your fingertips.

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Window Treatments

Window treatments are an essential component of any home. Outfit your home with professionally installed and aesthetically pleasing window treatments that open and close at the touch of a button to allow as much or as little light in as you desire.

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Security Systems

We use the latest technology to make calls, surf the web and send a text. Now its time to use the latest technology to keep your family, home and values safe.

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Structured Cabling

We offer a variety of structured custom cabling options built to work around your home’s unique configuration to eliminate the mess. Our custom-designed wiring enclosures serve as a safe and centralized hub for all of your cable and network connections.

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Central Vacuum

A central vacuum is about convenience and efficiency. Discreetly installed in your basement or garage to maximize noise reduction, a central vacuum motor provides you with more power, more flexibility and a lot less hassle.

Whether you seek something as simple as the installation of a built-in home theater system, or as complex as full smarthome integration — including options such as centralized control of lighting, heating/cooling, appliances, entertainment, security or other systems — we'll craft a custom solution that provides you with total control at your fingertips.  Whatever your needs, Redi Systems works with you to transform your home into a modern space that is convenient, efficient and elegant.