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A Home Security System Needs More than an Alarm

Outdoor surveillance camera installed under a roof overhang, next to a window

Discover What’s Possible with a Professional Security Setup

How do you protect your home? If you’re like the typical Wamego, KS, homeowner, you likely have an alarm system and video doorbell, but you’re leaving the rest of your property’s protection up to chance and good luck. With a professional home security system from Redi Systems, you can add around-the-clock surveillance with advanced AI and more. Read below to explore what’s possible!

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Remote Monitoring

Imagine being able to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are in the world. A security system should incorporate remote monitoring functionality, so you’ll receive motion alerts, tampering notifications, and more via your smartphone. You’ll immediately be notified of any issues, and the authorities can be notified in cases of emergencies. 

AI-Enabled Smart Surveillance Cameras

The modern security camera can do more than show you what’s happening. Today’s surveillance options include artificial intelligence and video analytics, so they are intelligent enough to understand the difference between animals and humans or an idling car and one driving by slowly. Alerts are sent immediately to your smartphone, and from there, you can zoom in on surveillance footage in real-time or view recorded footage with just a few taps.

Smart Home Integration

With smart home integration, your security system can provide property-wide protection like never before! Incorporate smart locks, water leak sensors, lighting, automatic shading, and more into one easily manageable smart security setup. The Redi Systems team has extensive knowledge of the latest security and home automation solutions, and we can coordinate all of your connected devices into one easy-to-use, integrated system.

Are you ready to protect your Kansas home in a comprehensive way? Contact our team here to start a conversation about your security needs.

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