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Here’s How Automatic Shades & Blinds Can Change Your Life

Open-concept kitchen and dining area overlooking floor to ceiling windows with automatic shades

Press a Button to Have Every Window Covering Respond!

Imagine pressing a button and your entire Manhattan, KS, home responding in an instant! In the mornings, shades rise to reveal a beautiful sunrise; in the evenings, they lower automatically to add privacy to your living spaces. No matter the time of day, automatic blinds and shades are a must-have smart home solution. 

Read below to discover how they can change your life!

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Automated shades and blinds can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app or with a smart home control system. It’s easy to manage natural lighting throughout the day or set schedules for when the blinds should be open or closed.

Energy Efficiency

Based on the sun's positioning, pre-programmed automated shades give you the best view while simultaneously reducing energy costs. Regulate the temperature inside the house by adding, dampening, or removing sunlight completely.

Privacy and Security

Schedule automated blinds to close at certain times for privacy so you and your family are never backlit from the inside. And whenever you're away, schedule shades to open and close so it appears as though someone is home.

Aesthetics and Luxury

High-end automated shades complement your style, from sleek, modern looks to cozy, rustic vibes. Combining this style with automation adds an element of sophistication and luxury to everyday living.


For those with mobility issues or older people, automated shades and blinds eliminate the need for manual opening and closing or walking from room to room. 

Protect Furnishings

By programming your blinds to close when the sun is at its brightest, you can protect your furniture, artwork, other interior furnishings, and your skin from UV damage.

The convenience, aesthetic enhancement, and comfort of automatic shades and blinds make it worthwhile for Kansas homeowners, so connect with our team here to get started on your shading project now.

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