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Smart Lighting & Home Control: The Basics

luxury kitchen area with bar, smart lighting, in-ceiling speakers, and a TV

Discover How to Streamline Your Daily Routines with Technology

Looking around your home, how many lights do you have? According to the Department of Energy, you probably have more than 60 light switches if you’re anything like the traditional homeowner. Think about the time it would take to turn each on or off, having to walk room-to-room of your Manhattan, KS, property. Cutting that down to mere seconds is possible when you have a smart lighting control system! 

Read more below to learn about this convenient home solution that can manage your lighting, shades, and more!

Top 5 Smart Home Features Our Clients Love!

Control4 ipad interface sitting on a countertop with a coffee caddy behind it

Explore What’s Possible with Redi Systems

Though the phrase “smart home” may seem overly futuristic, let us assure you that it’s a modern-day luxury every homeowner in Manhattan, KS, or the surrounding areas should consider. Imagine changing how you spend time at home by adding a touch of class with a simple press of a button. It’s possible with smart home solutions from Redi Systems. Take a look below at an introduction to five of our clients’ favorites.