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Enhancing Security with Automatic Blinds and Shades

QMotion shades on a window overlooking a yard. A dining room table with four chairs sits in front of the window.

Prepare for Fall's Shorter Days with Advanced Smart Home Solutions

As the golden hues of fall paint our landscapes, we're reminded of the cozy evenings ahead and the shorter days accompanying them. While we relish the beauty of autumn, it's also a time to think about home security as the nights draw to a close much earlier in Manhattan, KS, and the surrounding areas.

The window covering is one of the unsung heroes in the home security realm. Below, we spotlight protections you can enjoy by adding automatic blinds and shades. Keep reading to learn more!

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1. Deter Crime

There's something unsettling for a would-be intruder when they see blinds adjusting. It sends a clear message that the home might be occupied, and it's best not to take any chances. Automatic window treatments can mimic human activity, making your home appear bustling even when you're away, thanks to pre-scheduled smart scenes.

2. Add Privacy

As the seasons change, our living rooms become visible to the outside world earlier than the rest of the year. Ensure that your family moments remain private, with shades drawing to a close when needed, shielding interior spaces from prying eyes.

3. Integrate with Other Smart Home Systems

Imagine your window treatments working in tandem with your security alarms. A potential breach could trigger the blinds to open and interior lights to switch on when the alarm sounds, ensuring responding law enforcement officers can find your home and see the perpetrator with ease.

4. Easy to Manage

Life gets busy, and sometimes we forget the small stuff. With automatic blinds and shades, you can set schedules for consistent operation without a second thought. When dusk approaches, your shades lower automatically, enveloping the room in a private, cozy atmosphere.


As fall unfolds, consider the dual benefits of automatic window treatments from Redi Systems. Safety and security go hand-in-hand with this convenient, stylish smart home solution. Contact us today to get started!

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