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3 tips to setting your outsourced IT on the right track

3 Tips to Setting Your Outsourced IT on the Right track

So, you’re thinking about how to truly support your internal IT team—or outsourcing your IT entirely. As you explore your options, it’s worth looking at what it takes to set up an outsourced IT team for sustained success and a tangible ROI.


Here are three tips worth adding to the mix to advance your process:


  1. Get the relationship right. Once you’ve identified the right partner and inked the deal, sit down with your new IT provider and discuss expectations, goals and what success looks like. Empower your new team to assess your IT infrastructure by creating a strong relationship with your internal team — set points of contact and open up lines of communication. This is a positive, after all, and your team may need coaching to drop a competitive attitude and accept the benefits that will come to them and to the company by having a bigger, more capable team.


  1. Prioritize what’s urgent and what’s important. A key here is a shift from a reactive to a proactive approach. Good planning and investments save time, money and morale as we noted in our last post. Agreeing on what constitutes a legitimate emergency versus an issues that can be triaged will set you up for success. In addition, you should frame a quarter-by-quarter plan that maintains, upgrades and trouble-shoots your systems so that you keep your team producing and your company profitable.


  1. Have regular check-ins.

A quarterly sit-down with your full IT team will keep your goals and relationship front and center. Don’t let things slip. Keep yourself, your team and your outsourced provider accountable, on track and united on the big idea — keeping the company running flawlessly.


While these steps may seem like fundamentals, setting yourself up for IT success has never had more impact on your bottom line—and on your team’s peace of mind