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A Few Battery Tips


Today we rely on mobile technology more than ever. That means we also rely on it being on when we need it! The battery is the often forgotten hero of our mobile life; and without the sturdy battery we would be required to always be tethered to a wall outlet. The following tips are ways to help extend the life of your battery whether it is old or new!


 Whether it is going for a jog and finding out you can't listen to those sweet tunes or rushing to an outlet during a meeting over the phone, a dead battery is a bad feeling. With these tips one shouldn't be caught off guard with a low battery alert.

1. Location Services

We use our phones, tablets, and laptops day to day and sometimes that is to find directions or places to eat near where you are. Using the application once may give permission for it to check in sometimes to see where you are! Granted one application checking every once in a while may not hurt, having multiple apps that do this will leave you wondering where your battery life went. Visiting location services on your mobile device is where you can change these settings on a per application basis to either deny location services or only allow while then using the app. 

Phone GPS

2. Force Closing Apps

Contrary to popular belief; force closing apps that are in the background will use more of your battery next time you open the app! When the application is not being used it happily awaits your return in a saved state. If you get rid of this saved state then the app must load itself up all over again and that uses energy.

An easy comparison is a hose. Take turning on a hose via the spigot and waiting for the water to flow through the entire length of the hose to the end, or having a nozzle attachment with a trigger to pull and the water immediately is there. That time it takes the water to run through the hose to the end takes energy, just like an app does when it needs to start from square one. Now if the hose is on already and all you must do is open the nozzle then you have it immediately! And the hose did not have to try to “start” the water stream to get there.

3. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi

WiFi and Bluetooth radios are used at the home and even in the car. When you’re not using Bluetooth there’s no reason to have it on as it just drains your battery looking for things to pair with. The same goes for WiFi! While driving around town there are bound to be numerous networks that your phone may connect to (or attempt to). When that fails or you get further away it will try to search for more and that can drain the battery pretty quick! If you're on the go for a while and have no need for using Bluetooth or WiFi feel free to turn them off. This may assist in extending your daily battery life.