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  • Redi Systems, Inc. Awarded Premier Technology Status

    As our customers, you can be confident that our team at Redi Systems knows how to find a solution for all of your home or business automation, connectivity, and security needs

  • Technician Job Opening!

    You believe in customer service. You simplify lives. You deliver the expectations you establish. You learn and grow. You’re not afraid to make mistakes. You invest in the community. Does this describe you? 

    Keep reading to apply!

  • A Few Battery Tips

    The battery is the often forgotten hero of our mobile life; and without the sturdy battery we would be required to always be tethered to a wall outlet. The following tips are ways to help extend the life of your battery whether it is old or new

  • Video Chats: It's your big debut!

    Connecting to a video chat and seeing yourself on camera for the first time can be a scary moment. Use these tips to feel comfortable and presentable to whoever your speaking too!

  • Entertaining Outdoors

    "Quite often we find ourselves outdoors and hanging out with friends and family. Why not add some music to the event with a landscape or outdoor sound solution?"