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Entertaining with Outdoor Audio

Whether it be hanging out poolside or playing games out back with friends, we are always looking for ways to liven up the party and turn it up to 11! We are big entertainers and music is key for all our gatherings. Admittedly at these gatherings we’ve heard “Can you turn it up?” or “Bring the speaker out here.”

Fortunately we haven’t heard those things since installing an outdoor audio solution! Hidden away among the landscape are speakers that provide great sound at a great volume. We have cast aside the portable speaker and replaced it with a blanket of sound.

Now everyone can hear the music from the grill to the patio! Entertaining guests became easier because everyone can enjoy ambient sound no matter what activities are taking place. No longer are we asked to turn it up but instead asked to turn on our favorite Pandora station, which gives us more time to actually enjoy the party.

Landscape Speakers

It’s true, you really CAN tell the difference in hosting all your friends and family with quality sound surrounding your outdoor space. But you have to experience it to believe it, give us a call and we would love to show you in person how easy it is to add a custom sound solution to your space. If you can’t make a call right now feel free to fill out a form and we will be in touch shortly!