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Video Chats: It's your big debut!

Video Chat Tips

Whether it’s seeing distant relatives or a call for business, making video calls has become easier than ever. What can be overlooked is proper etiquette when it comes to these types of calls. Use these tips to make your next video call experience a bit more pleasant

1. Make Eye Contact

Being concerned about how you look on camera is a valid worry, but staring down at the screen double and triple checking breaks communication with the person on the other end. When speaking to another person face to face we do not have a mirror in place to make sure our posture and hair looks just right, instead we make eye contact! The same rule applies for video calls. It shows that you are paying attention to the person on the other end vs getting distracted by something else on your screen or in the environment.



2. Don’t carry on side conversations

While in a video call somebody may walk in the room and want to have a conversation. Chances are you would not stop a face-to-face conversation to hold a side conversation so don’t do it in a virtual one. This includes texting or replying in a chat! Focus on the conversation that is in front of you! Those in the current call or meeting will greatly appreciate your ability to be present and participating.


Having Fun

3. Be Yourself and Have Fun!

There is no rule that video calls need to be 100% serious. Relax and have a good time. Break the ice with a joke or small talk, make the person(s) on the other end laugh or chuckle! It’s easy to tune out during conversations sometimes, imagine how easy it is over video if nobody is engaged. The more fun that comes out of a meeting or conversation the more relaxed people can become and become more interested in what you’re saying!